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Here at Mono Pillow we are on a mission to bring the best sleeping experience to everyone around the world through our innovative and comfortable products. Yes, it is a big task and we know we can’t do it alone and that is why we have developed our affiliate program where we reward our partners for referring customers to us.

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Earn 15% commission per sale promoting our products to help your audience join the better side of sleeping

The affiliate area is available only for registered affiliates.


The Affiliate Programme is a service that allows participating partners to earn commission on sales referred to Mono Pillow using specially tracked links. We provide you with customised links, discount codes and other tools that you can post on your website, social media and share with your audience. Then when a visitor you’ve referred to us converts, we’ll keep track and give you a commission on the event.
We accept almost all types of partners that are relevant to our products and do not promote objectionable or offensive materials. We welcome all applications but reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke a membership at any time at our sole discretion.
There are no fees associated with the Mono Pillow Affiliate Programme. It is completely free to participate.
Yes. We accept affiliates from anywhere in the world but please keep in mind that we currently only ship to the UK.
No. You should apply once, list all your websites on your application and advertise Mono Pillow on any of them once you are approved.

We pay 15% commission on all sales referred by you.

There is no minimum sales level required to remain in the programme, and you will receive all commissions on a monthly basis.

Yes, we are committed to making our affiliates successful, and our programme manager is available to help. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Commissions, Account Info and Reporting

We use AffilateWP, a leading affiliate tracking software to manage our programme.

There are three types of tracking options available:

Affiliate links
We track a cookie that is automatically applied to the device of a person who clicks a banner or text link that has your account ID number embedded within it. Each banner or link that you create is specifically tagged with your Affiliate Partner ID number, letting us know that you deserve commission on the activations/sales you send our way. You can access all of these banners and links by logging in to your Affiliate Account and choosing from any of the banners or simple text links available.

Direct link tracking
Direct Link Tracking allows you to link directly to our website without the need for an affiliate link. All you have to do is submit your domain for approval and we take care of the rest. When a visitor clicks the link on your website and arrives on our site, the referring domain is looked up in the database. If the domain belongs to an affiliate, that affiliate’s ID is stored in the browser’s cookies, just like a normal affiliate link.

Discount codes
Discount code tracking allows us to connect discount codes to specific affiliate accounts. Anytime the discount code is redeemed, the connected affiliate is awarded a referral, exactly as though the customer had used a referral URL. Perfect for offline promotions or if you cannot link to us. Discount codes are issued to affiliates at our discretion.

During the registration process we agree how you would like to get paid. Our preferred method of payment is via PayPal but we can also support Direct Bank Transfers.

Commissions will be paid once a month on the first working day of the month for purchases older than 30 days. This is to allow us to adjust your commissions for any returns and cancelations.

If a visitor comes to our website from your website but doesn’t convert on that visit, you can still earn commission on sales from that customer if they return and make a purchase within 90 days.

This works even if they navigate directly to the website on a return visit as long as they haven’t deleted their cookies.

Commissions due will remain as ‘Pending’ until 30 days from the date of the initial sale have elapsed to allow us to review and either approve or reject based on the validity of the sale.

Reasons for rejected commissions can include but are not limited to:

  • customers returning a product for a refund
  • customers requesting cancellation of their orders
  • invalid account information during registration
  • duplicate tracking
  • fraudulent purchases
  • credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud

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