A pillow for side sleepers

There are different sleep positions, and they undoubtedly vary from person to person, but approximately 75% of the population sleep on their side. A person who sleeps on their side is called a “side sleeper” and characteristically they use a pillow tucked between their head and shoulders for maximal comfort. However, this sleep position is not without drawbacks that affect the quality of their sleep. There are mattresses currently available on the market that are said to be the “best mattress for side sleepers”. These mattresses are thought to be particularly advantageous for “side sleepers” and eliminate some problems that they commonly experience.

Common problems for side sleepers

The two most significant problems that side sleepers encounter are back and shoulder pain. Sleeping on one side of the body means that constant pressure is being applied to that side and there is an increased risk of damaging your shoulder. Whether you sleep on your left or right side, the shoulder can collapse into the mattress as well as up toward your neck, resulting in misalignment and pain the following morning. Though the possibility of this type of damage exists, some people are unable to change their sleeping position.

Similarly, side sleeping can affect the alignment of your spine because of the excess pressure that is applied to it, predisposing you to injury, especially of the lower back.

Suggestions for alleviating these problems come in many forms. One such suggestion is that different sleeping positions are tried like sleeping with a pillow between your knees for better spine alignment. Another one is the fetal position for those who may have a herniated disc. Still, another is that you sleep on your abdomen if you have existing back pain and finally, there is sleeping on your back with a pillow under your knees to evenly distribute your weight across the widest area of your body thus placing less strain on your pressure points. These positions are thought to give better spinal alignment; however, the plain and simple truth is that most side sleepers adopt a “grin and bear it” mentality because their sleeping habit would have been developed over their entire life and they would have finally settled into their most naturally comfortable position. Realistically, they cannot be expected to change their sleeping habits.

The perfect solution then would be one that would allow a side sleeper to maintain their natural sleep position without the fear of back and shoulder pain. If only such a solution existed…

It does not need to be one anymore though. What if I told you that there is a solution that could allow you to sleep peacefully with your earplugs? You get relief from unwanted noises and no ear discomfort whatsoever.

The best pillow for side sleepers

Though it is commonly suggested that side sleepers get a specially suited mattress, this may not always work. Why not try a solution that will work to relieve your back and shoulder pain while allowing you to sleep the way you feel most comfortable?

Suppose there was a specially designed pillow for side sleepers? One that would reduce the pressure being applied to the shoulders and back and that nullified the risk of any pain occurring. Well, such a pillow exists! The Mono Pillow is designed with an ear-adapted hole that ensures that your sleeping experience remains pleasurable and risk-free.

The Mono pillow can be adjusted and placed over the existing pad to provide added comfort and safety to your body while you sleep. Made from pure content, hypoallergenic synthetic fibre, the Mono Pillow is user-friendly for just about everyone. By elevating your head during sleep, the pressure applied to your shoulder and back will be relieved and they will be at a comfortable height, creating the optimal pressure for sleep.

The Mono Pillow has been tested and proven to work for even the most sensitive sleeper to ensure that it delivers beyond your expectations. Side sleepers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the Mono pillow. Try the Mono pillow today and wake up from the best sleep of your life, pain-free!