The Perfect Pillow for Piercings

Ear pain can be a frustrating experience for just about anyone. Aside from the pain and discomfort, it can be so irritating that it causes sleepless nights, leaving you tired and annoyed. Common causes of ear pain include injury, infection, external sources of irritation, or even pain that is referred from another part of the body (such as the teeth).

One external source of pain could be the presence of a new piercing. The problem lies in the fact that is virtually impossible to sleep in a way where no contact is made between your ear and pillow. The fact that the overwhelming majority of people prefer sleeping on their side (74%) than their stomach (16%) or back (10%), means that the ear is subject to a source of constant irritation. This is ill-advised for new piercings that need adequate time to heal. Additionally, the pain can prevent sleep. Prolonged sleep deprivation can give rise to a myriad of serious, long-term health problems including high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure, diabetes, or stroke. It can also obesity, depression, impaired immunity, and a decreased sex drive. In short, this seemingly small problem can cause many other serious ones.

However, you do not have to sacrifice sleep for piercings. There is a simple solution that exists that can allow you to have peaceful nights.

Problems experienced when sleeping with a piercing

During sleep, your ear is constantly pressed against a pillow and this can cause the piercing to tear, migrate, or change its angulation and it can even cause scarring.

Irritation caused by the pressure applied to a fresh piercing by a pillow can cause the appearance of red bumps in and around the piercing site that can last for several weeks. It can also cause the site to become swollen and even cause purulent discharge. Irritation caused by the pain could lead to headaches.

It is critical to remember that a fresh piercing is an extremely sensitive area and therefore any kind of contact, especially contact that is prolonged and not gentle, can be a source of pain and irritation. Therefore, it is recommended that you protect the healing site from any such problems.

The perfect pillow for comfortable sleep

More than enough has been said about the deleterious effects of sleeping on a fresh piercing. The reality is that you cannot be expected to forego sleep just because you have a new piercing. Enter the solution to all your problems-the Mono Pillow.

The Mono Pillow is a specially made pillow that consists of an ear-adapted hole in the middle that provides more than enough breathing room for your ear to fit without feeling any pressure. Can you imagine a pillow that has a luxurious, gentle feel with the added benefit of relieving ear pain at the same time? Made from premium fabrics and consumer-friendly products to deliver the optimal sleeping experience, the Mono Pillow is your answer to a peaceful night’s sleep devoid of any pain or irritation.

The Mono Pillow was specially designed with the most sensitive sleepers in mind and so it has been tested and proven to ensure the perfect night’s sleep. Instant and long-lasting relief from ear pain? That is the Mono Pillow guarantee.

People suffering from ear pain everywhere can breathe a collective sigh of relief thanks to the Mono Pillow.