Sleeping with earphones

Sleep is a precious commodity as we become older. Yet deep, peaceful sleep is often elusive as we get up in age. Sleeping with earphones is one way that people attempt to bypass this problem. There are some people who have great difficulty sleeping in noisy environments and for these people, earphones can be useful in blocking out external noise. Others benefit from the use of calming sounds such as piano music and white noise which can be used to help them relax and fall asleep by lowering their heart rate, lowering blood pressure, reducing activity of the sympathetic nervous system, and reducing stress.

There have been several studies conducted that suggest that listening to music while trying to fall asleep can cause someone to fall asleep faster and improve their quality of sleep. It has also found that it can help with persons who suffer from insomnia. Sleep is an important factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It has been shown that adults who sleep less than seven (7) hours of sleep are more likely to develop health conditions such as coronary heart disease, depression, or diabetes. There is also evidence to suggest that listening to relaxing or uplifting music while sleeping can boost your levels of serotonin and dopamine. These are chemical neurotransmitters that are released when you feel good.

Risks of sleeping with earphones

Perhaps the most obvious risk is that listening to loud audio for an extended period can damage your hearing. Exposing the ears to loud sounds can cause sensory cell fatigue and lead to temporary hearing loss or tinnitus. Secondly, earwax may accumulate and if it is not removed, this can cause bacterial growth and lead to hearing problems. Necrosis (tissue death) can occur because of lack of blood flow through the ear. This is particularly problematic if the earphones do not comfortably fit and exert excessive pressure within the ear canal. There are also safety issues as it relates to being able to hear what is going on in your environment like safety alarms during emergencies.

When using earphones at night, your ear with earphones is usually pressed against the pillow. As you are sleeping, you are unaware of the amount of pressure that is being applied to your ear. Unfortunately, sustained pressure being applied to the ear for extended periods of time can lead to swollen ears, headaches, long-lasting tension, inability to focus and even wax buildup due to lack of breathing space between the pillow, earphones, and ears. The possibility exists that you may wake up with an earache the very next day or even wake up in the middle of the night because of the ear pain, unable to fall asleep again.

However, the fact is that many need that real-word disconnection so that they can fall asleep easily and peacefully. Many also derive additional benefit by listening to calming soundtracks or meditation that can help with long term anxiety, panic attacks, and improve sleep. The ideal scenario then is to sleep with earphones and not have any negative consequences such as pain or discomfort. That way, you would be able to get a relaxing night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and energized the next day.

A solution for this problem

No matter how firm or soft a pillow is, it will still apply pressure to your ear. However, there is a solution that exists that can eliminate this problem.

The Mono Pillow is designed with an ear-adapted hole, made from premium materials, and perfectly sized that will relieve any pressure being exerted. The Mono pillow will allow comfort with the use of earphones, making it possible to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Do not think that you must compromise! With the Mono Pillow, you can get through the less comfortable moments of life with a relaxing song in your ear that creates the perfect environment for cozy and comfortable sleep.