Our Story

Mono Pillow is built on real life sleep issues and has been born after several months of testing.

After sleeping on the idea of what Mono Pillow needs to be and the concept that it must have to be a life-changer, our first ear-adapted pillow was created and accomplished the successful mission of offering the comfort for the night that sets the tone for a joyful day.

The inspiration behind our ear-adapted pillow lies in the frustration of not being able to fall asleep easily, even after a long and challenging day.

The only solution was listening to an audiobook to sleep, except there was the need to change the headphone from one side to the other while turning in bed. Which made it harder to fall asleep. And then falling asleep with the headphones and waking up with pain and headphone prints on the face. Which made it harder to admit it was a restful night, as the ear pain from the night pressure was sure to be a reminder of the discomfort throughout the day.

Floating the idea with control groups (family and friends initially) we realised that there are several other use cases for such a solution and that the ear-adapted pillow is the innovative missing puzzle piece in the pillow world!

Mono Pillow stands for not ignoring ears and avoiding head-pressure! We stand for comfortable nights and joyful days!