Care for your Mono Pillow

To keep your Mono Pillow at it’s very best, follow our easy care tips.

1. Wash

Just remove the cover and pop both your pillow and the pillowcase into the machine on a normal cycle in warm water (we’d recommend a gentle 40 degree cycle). Wash your pillow and pillowcase separately from your other laundry, using a small amount of mild liquid detergent to keep it at it’s absolute best.

Make sure that the zip on the pillow is fully closed to avoid any filling to escape into your washing machine!

For the very best results, place a tennis or laundry ball in the washing machine! This will break up any lumps of filling that may occur.

2. Dry

Don’t forget to dry your pillow and the pillowcase before you use them again!

A little bit of sun and a breeze can do wonders to any bedding items and Mono Pillow is no exception. Hang out your pillowcase just like any other laundry and place the pillow on a clean, well ventilated surface until fully dry.

If the weather is not on your side simply use a drying rack to dry your pillow and pillowcase.

In a rush or don’t fancy the drying rack out? You can tumble dry the pillow and the pillowcase on a low heat. For best results use a tennis or dryer ball.

3. Iron? (Please don’t!)

Please do not iron the pillow or the pillowcase as it can damage the filling.

To remove any wrinkles use a garment steamer, this will not only make the surface nice and smooth, but will also add an additional layer of freshness to your pillow and pillowcase!

4. Store

If not in use (why would it not be?), keep your pillow away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place.

5. TLC

Love your pillow and it will love you back. Avoid wearing excessive makeup or creams at night to look after your pillow so that it can best look after you! Make sure to not to leave it buried under other bedding in the morning to let it refresh itself throughout the day.

Sweet dreams!