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A small side sleeper pillow with an ear hole

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– Fine 100% Cotton Shell, Hypoallergenic Virgin Synthetic Fibre Filling
– Super Fine and Crisp, 400 Thread Count 100 % Cotton Cover

Dimensions: 31 x 27 x 8cm with a 9cm diameter hole

Firmness: Firm (adjustable)

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An ear adapted, small side sleeper pillow designed by your needs!

SUPERIOR SLEEP GUARANTEED: Your best ever side sleeper pillow guarantees better sleep due to its unique shape, size, and materials that are adapted to create a relaxing and satisfyingly soft experience. The design of Mono Pillow not only improves comfort for earphones and piercings but removes all pressure around your ear leading to a “bed of clouds” feeling, providing you with your best sleep yet and giving you the rest you need to perform day-today.

SMALL BUT MIGHTY: The size of your pillows for side sleepers is the first of its kind. With a minimalistic design that allows it to fit on top of any regular pillow with ease while also being highly portable so you can find a restful sleep anywhere. Your ear pillow with hole measures 31 x 27 x 8cm with a 9cm diameter hole to provide you with fantastic functionality that will only enhance your sleep habits.  

ADVANCED QUALITY: We’ve brought and tested many sensitive sleepers to create the best pillow for side sleepers. Your  pillow’s advanced quality covers all aspects, providing a satisfying touch with a quilted material of pure cotton and hypoallergenic synthetic fibre filling for a firm support. Everything has been calculated, tested and measured to result in all-rounded and luxurious comfort with plenty of breathable space.

WHY OUR EAR ADAPTED PILLOW? How many times have you woken up with “pillow marks”, swollen, hot, clogged ears or even ache? Our ears aren’t naturally meant to press up against anything and so can cause discomfort. Your side sleeper pillow eliminates all pressure, creating breathability & uplifting comfort. On top of that, this pillow with a hole is adapted to you further allowing you to use headphones and ear muffs to drift off. 

OUR PROMISE: We know you’ll love your ear pillow and it also makes a wonderful gift to someone you know who may be struggling to sleep. However, if you’re not so sure then we’ll offer a prompt and courteous refund.

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31 x 27 x 8cm with a 9cm diameter hole


100% 233 Thread Count Cotton


Hypoallergenic Virgin Synthetic Fibre Filling – adjustable firmness

Pillow Case

Super Fine and Crisp, 400 Thread Count 100 % Cotton



7 reviews for Mono Pillow

  1. Lisa

    Prompt delivery, received next day!
    Works a treat, no more problems with my ear now!

  2. Cathy

    Gifted this pillow to a young family member who recently had her ears pierced. Arrived in a very nice box and was received with great admiration! Thank you!

  3. Dave M

    A very well made pillow that has that premium feel to it! It servers it’s purpose without fault, and provides instant relief for my ear pain. 4 stars because of the price being a bit on the high side when compared to traditional pillows, but you get exactly what you pay for, in this case a very nice pillow that relives ear pain.

  4. Don

    A pillow for serious side sleepers

    If you are anything like me and used to sleeping with lots of pillows (at least one big pillow and three small pillows) then this is the thing for you. I have been using a small pillow under my head on top of my normal pillow ever since I was a child as a I like to sleep fairly high when on my side. Having an additional small pillow for my head is so natural to me that I somtimes truly wonder how others can sleep without one!

    I also struggle to fall asleep qucikly so my bedtime routine involves listening to audiobooks as they help a lot to relax. Now the problem is that I can’t bear having an earphone in my ear that I am sleeping on so I end up using one earphone only which is not great especially if it is a dramatisation with lots of dialogue as some of the characters are only present in the missing ear.

    This is where this pillow comes in and steals the spotlight! Not only does it work as a small pillow to keep my head high but it also has a hole where I can now put my ear with the earphone in it! No pressure whatsoever and a fully immersive listening experience that even helps me fall asleep faster!

    The materials and the quality of the pillow are second to none and to me it feels very luxurious. The packaging is very nice too if you want to give it as a gift. All in all a great pillow that I very much needed in my ever growing collection!

  5. J

    works a treat for my new piercings

  6. Leanne

    fantastic for my piercings!

  7. Anne

    Very nicely made pillow and it helps a lot with my ear pain. Could be a little bit bigger though…

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