Mono Pillow Wave


A fast rebound memory foam cervical pillow

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Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 11-7 cm

Firmness: Medium

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Side sleepers rejoice! With the unique, dual-layer construction of a Mono Wave Pillow, you’ll be surfing the night waves to a sound sleep on the high tide. Say goodbye to neck pain and wake up with a rejuvenated face from deep rest.

Fast rebound foam isn’t all created equal; our pillows have top quality and quality-assured materials. We take pride in our memory foam on important points like pressure relief, temperature regulation, softness, and density; our pillows excel in all four!

Designed with premium technical insights and scrutiny from sleep experts, you’re sure to get the rest you want and need night after night.

Get better sleep without struggling in bed again with the Mono Wave Pillow. Let waves of all kinds lull you to sleep – try it out. Sleeping with hot, sticky cotton pressing down on you is a thing of the past. The breathable, adjustable cover and the Mono Wave itself will keep you cool, comfortable, and ultimately well-rested. Think of it as a cooling mattress pad for your head that helps regulate your sleep temperature at night so you’ll be ready to take on tomorrow.

Wake up and look refreshed with the new Mono Wave Pillow. Tired of annoying neck pain making mornings hard? Then it’s time to sleep like a pro. We have exactly what you’ve been looking for! Our pillows are designed for those who struggle with a specific sleeping position, that’s why this pillow is designed with premium memory foam to protect your neck as you sleep.

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55 x 35 x 10-7cm


Cream White




Pillow – 100% Moulded Fast Rebound, Medium Firmness Memory Foam

Pillowcase – 60% Polyester, 40% Viscose Bamboo

Care instructions

Removable cover: washable up to 40°C. Tumble dry on a low setting until completely dry. Inner: spot clean only. Do not dry clean. Using a pillow protector will help to prolong the life of your pillow


Arrives rolled up in a plastic sleeve and branded box

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